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MDI RENTAl originally started out as a custom drum shop. We open our doors in August 1996 as a one stop drum shop. Over the years, we have serviced many major artists, to name a few (Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Bobby Jones Gospel, Clint Brown, John P. Knee, Martha Munizzi and others. Every drum that's produced here in our shop are all hand crafted to perfection. We are now a full blown backline company servicing all your entertainment needs.


Ronald McKinnis is the CEO and president of Macdrums and MDI Rentals, a native of Miami Florida. He has always had a passion for drums. He started playing drums in 1965, at the age of 14, and made his first set of drum sticks at home using only a pocket knife to whittle them into shape. That success evoked the desire to one day build an entire set of drums. In August 1996, Ronald decided to put his vision to work; he built his first 6pc white drum set. The color white was selected because for Ronald white symbolizes purity, cleanliness, tranquility and most of all "everlasting". From that point, Macdrums Inc was started. Drums of various colors and styles were being built night and day. With advertisements, drums for all types of occasions whether concerts, balls, church services, or black tie events. Request for drum rentals were being made.


In 2009 Macdrums emerged into a resource for many back line rental needs. Macdrums slowly started to provide all equipment such as drums, all gear, sound, lighting and staging for different event's. Now in 2011 we have grown from a custom drum shop to a full production company, known as Macdrums & Entertainment Inc and MDI Rentals a full service Backline company.


Covering all Florida, MDI Rentals supplying full quality service, rentals, and customer satisfaction. MDI Rentals maintain high professional work standards and is experience in both manufacturing and entertainment environment. We handle our customers with the up most care and respect and excellence. Our gear is treated in the same fashion. Regular service and maintenance is perform on all equipment and tested before it leaves our warehouse.



We will be setting sail as we are the offical sound and music providers for the upcoming 1st annual "Cool Jazz Cruise" happening October 11-19, 2014 featuring jazz saxaphonist Dante Lewis, Grammy nominated recording artist Syleena Johnson and musical band Endless Possibilities.  

Stay tuned for the Macdrums new line of drums that we will be introducing in the spring.  We will be the only provider of theses one of a kind superior drums...the Zion Drumline Series. 

We are now offering the vintage Johnson Millennium JM 250 modeling amp and the DX 412 half stack cabinet.  


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